Demo #1

You can start from the top and work your way down, or you can click on any of the links below to see specific examples of how MathPad is used.


Window Adjustment

You can resize both the window and the portion betweein input/output.

Window resizing animation Window resizing


Functions don't require parenthesis. Keep in mind that 'sin(2pi)' or 'sin(2x)' is different than 'sin 2pi' or 'sin 2x', unless implicit multiplication is given a higher priority. This can be enabled in the settings.

Shorthand example


Variable scope works in a very intuitive way.

Variable scope example.

There are multiple ways to create a variable.

Variables example

Variable assignment and user-defined functions are very thorough. You can assign a variable to a variable that has been assigned to another variable. The major reason for this is that one of my goals was for MathPad to be hard to break.

Variable and function inception example

Formulas can be setup like on paper. Variable assignment can make use of built-in constants.

Formula example


Supports vector math for both 2D and 3D vectors.

Vector example


The '%' symbol is used for percents instead of modulus.

Percents example


Unit conversion.

Unit conversion example


Constants example


Prefixes example


You can control how your output looks.

Notation example

All answers can be converted into reduced fractions.

Fraction output example