Supported Functions

All the functions listed below are the ones currently supported by MathPad. Function names that are seperated on the same line with a comma are just alternative names (or symbols) for the function.

Functions are NOT case-sensitive. So you may capitalize as you wish to help readability, such as some of the bitwise operators: bitor (BitOr), bitxor (BitXor), shiftleft (ShiftLeft), shiftright (ShiftRight), etc..

Some operator symbols have more than one meaning, such as "-" and "!". MathPad figures out the correct meaning based on the context it's used in.

Operators (37)

	Numeric (8)
	plus, +
	minu, -
	times, *
	divided by, per, out of, :, /
	mod, modulo, fmod, nfmod "Floored Mod"
	remainder "IEEE Remainder"
	factorial, !
	negate, -

	Bitwise (10)
	~ "bitwise not/complement"
	& "bitwise and"
	bitxor "bitwise xor"
	| "bitwise or"
	~| "bitwise nor"
	~& "bitwise nand"
	<<, shiftleft
	>>, shiftright
	rotl "bitwise rotate left"
	rotr "bitwise rotate right"
	Logical (7)
	¬, ! "logic-only not"
	&& "logic-only and"
	|| logic-only or""logic-only xor"
	≡, ↔, ⇔, iff "logic-only equality"
	!| "logic-only nor"
	!& "logic-only nand"

	Bitwise and Logical (6) (works for both)
	xor, x|
	Relational (6)

Functions (69)

Basic (11) sqrt(x), √ cbrt(x), root3(x), cuberoot(x) root4(x), fourthroot(x) root5(x), fifthroot(x) ln(x) log2(x) log10(x) abs(x), absolute(x) ceiling(x) floor(x) truncate(x) Arithmetic (4) add(x,y) subtract(x,y) multiply(x,y) divide(x,y) Trigonometry (24) sin(x), sine(x) cos(x), cosine(x) tan(x), tangent(x) csc(x), cosecant(x) sec(x), secant(x) cot(x), contangent(x) sinh(x) cosh(x) tanh(x) csch(x) sech(x) coth(x) asin(x), arcsin(x) acos(x), arccos(x) atan(x), arctan(x) acsc(x) asec(x) acot(x) asinh(x) acosh(x) atanh(x) acsch(x) asech(x) acoth(x) Roots (4) root2, sqrt, √ root3, cbrt root4, fourthroot root5, fifthroot Binary Functions (5) gcd(x,y) lcm(x,y) round(x,y) chop(x,y) bitflip(x,y) Number Base Conversion (3) to hex to oct to bin Unit Conversion (1) to meters, in meters to oz, in oz etc. Quantity Format Conversion (6) to fraction to percent to scientific to scientific notation to words to base units Loop (3) summation(x,y,z), where x = expression, y = lower limit and z = upper limit. productloop(x,y,z), where x = expression, y = lower limit and z = upper limit. loop(a,b,c,d,e), where a = variable name, b = expression, c = lower limit, d = upper limit, e = increment. Percentages (6) on, on top, on top of off, off of of change(x,y), amountofchange(x,y) - note: outputs change from x to y as a percent iswhatpercentof(x,y) or in infix notation: x 'is what percent of' y. percentofwhatis(x%,y) or in infix notation: x% 'of what is' 7. Other (6) fib(x) max(x,y) min(x,y) gamma(x) isprime(x), prime(x) exp(x) - note: raises e to the x power

There are a total of 110 supported functions.


Below are some of the sources I used to become familiar with the different kinds of operators.